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EB Handbook

About the EB Handbook

Our "EB Handbook" is directed towards everyone that is directly affected by Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) as well as their families. This information is intended for all those who have to deal with all the various challenges which are connected with EB. We are of course happy with all the other readers, who are interested and want to learn more about this disease.

This handbook does not replace medical assistance in any circumstances, its main purpose is to provide you with all the information you need, to get a better idea of this disease and all its various forms and consequences. It is intended to serve as a basis to help overcome all the various challenges which occur when living with EB.

We do not intend to claim that this handbook contains all the information about EB. But it is our sincere intention to keep on gaining experience and growing knowledge in the future. We will update the handbook as we go.

Hopefully, one day a real cure for EB will replace the need for our handbook.

Anja Diem, MD
Head of the EB Outpatient Unit, EB House Austria

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