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Eye problems can occur with varying frequency in most forms of EB. The eyelids, the conjunctiva and the cornea can all be affected. Problems involving the eye and the area around the eye are particularly unpleasant and are often quite painful.

This section shows you ways in which the incidence of eye problems can be reduced and what to do if they occur. There are also some points to consider when preparing to purchase eye glasses.

Important points in a nutshell

  • Blisters and wounds can occur around the eyes on the eyelids, conjunctiva and cornea.
  • Occurrence is common in RDEB, time and again in DDEB, regularly with JEB and sometimes even with generalized EBS.
  • Immobilization and pain relief are the most important initial measures.
  • Prevention through regular use of artificial tears and eye ointments can reduce the incidence of problems developing.
  • All measures must be accompanied by visits to the eye doctor!
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