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An EB patient enters the EB House

Get to know the EB House Austria

The only clinic for “butterfly children” in Austria opens its doors to donors and interested persons.

We are delighted to learn that you are interested in our work for the “butterfly children”. We offer you various opportunities to get to know the EB House and to learn about the disease Epidermolysis Bullosa as well as the activities of our four departments, which are the Outpatient Clinic, the Research Unit, the Study Centre and the Academy.

An Insight into the EB House Austria

The interior designers of the EB House Austria made sure that a friendly atmosphere would be created, one that would make EB patients, their relatives and visitors feel at ease as soon as they entered the building. All the rooms are designed in different colours in accordance with the Feng Shui concept. In the EB House Outpatient Clinic - in contrast to the usual attitude to dogs in a hospital - therapy dogs are welcome companions of our patients.

The picture gallery will give you a brief insight into our rooms.

One of the two Outpatient Clinic rooms of the EB House

One of the two Outpatient Clinic rooms of the EB House

The EB House Austria – Visiting Possibilities

For Donors

All our personnel and material costs are paid exclusively with donations, so we are extremely grateful to every single donor for his or her contribution. Please make an appointment in advance – and when you visit us, we will gladly inform you about the EB skin disease and the work of the DEBRA Austria patient organization& the EB House Austria in a 30-minute lecture. You can also come to the EB House for an official cheque handover.

Five women holding a cheque with a donation of 1300 Euro

The ongoing operation of EB-Haus Austria is financed only with donations. We are grateful to each and every donor for his / her contribution.

For Pupils & Students

We are delighted when pupils or students wish to deal with the disease of the “butterfly children” in their school or university work for theses, presentations, etc. We’ll be happy to support you by giving you information and a number of useful links – and we’ll also invite you to a collective interview with one of our physicians (approx. every 2-3 months). On this occasion, you can also take a short tour of the EB House.

Doctor sitting around a table with students, explaining something to them

At the EB-Haus Austria, pupils and students can find information about Epidermolysis Bullosa, the disease of the "butterfly children".

Open Day

Stroll through the EB House and talk to our scientists at the various workstations of the “In touch with research” programme. Visual models are used to explain complex research topics in a way that is easy to understand. In the EB Outpatient Clinic, our physicians and nurses will explain the challenges involved in the treatment and care of those affected by EB – and a lecture given by the EB Academy will give you a panoramic view of the world of the “butterfly children” and the EB House.


We will be glad to help you with information and to make an appointment with you:

Julia Holla, MA

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