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Years ago, around 330, the physician Samuel Hafenreffer said that itching is "an unpleasant sensation that provokes scratching". There is not a better definition even today. The medical term for itching is "pruritus", prurire the Latin term meaning "burning".  

Itching is a particularly agonizing challenge for many people with EB. The  itching is  very uncomfortable, it has  a spontaneous response - the scratching. It can have serious consequences in EB, because new blisters and sores usually form immediately in the places you have scratched. It is necessary to at least relieve itching and it is often possible.

Important points in a nutshell

  • Itching is a common problem for many people with EB.
  • There are different causes of itching.
  • There is no "silver bullet".
  • You can often provide relief through a combination of general measures, good skin care and medication.
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