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Butterfly child with doctor

The butterfly children – in the best possible hands
The EB Outpatient Clinic

The specially-trained physicians and nurses of the EB Outpatient Clinic are compassionate and experienced – and they provide the best possible medical care for the "butterfly children".

Under the direction of Dr Anja Diem, the EB Outpatient Clinic ensures that butterfly children are given comprehensive medical care. The focus is on providing the best possible wound management, pain therapy, preventative examinations and multi-disciplinary care for both adults and children.
Cooperation with many other departments of the University Hospital Salzburg is essential in order to meet the challenges of a multisystemic disease such as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) in the best possible way. At this point in time, the symptoms of EB can be alleviated, but not cured causally.

This is how you can reach us – we will be happy to take care of your medical concerns.

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What happens during my examination? What do I need to bring with me? Useful facts about an outpatient appointment in the EB House.

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All the important information for emergencies summarised briefly and clearly.

What to do in an emergency
Person living with EB cuts a piece of paper with a pair of adapted scissors


Projects on topics from various fields are intended to help make ”butterfly children’s” everyday life easier.

Current projects

Fully trained and always there for our patients, both children and adults.

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