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EB researcher mixes various liquids in test tubes.

Understanding the disease – Researching therapies - Testing clinical use
The Research Unit & the Study Centre

These two pillars of the EB House build on each other and deal with basic scientific research and the resulting findings  for the treatment of Epidermolysis bullosa. Thanks to intensive cooperation between physicians and researchers in the EB House, new approaches to therapy are being developed – with the purpose to transfer them from the laboratory to the clinic and the patients as quickly as possible.

The research and development of a new therapy involves considerable effort, an extended timeframe and a high level of investments. The first step is to perform laboratory research to ascertain which substances and treatments have a positive and thus soothing effect on disturbed cell mechanisms. After many safety checks and pre-clinical tests have been carried out, a clinical trial can then be initiated, during which patients are allowed to try out the new treatment in accordance with strict guidelines. The effectiveness of the treatment is precisely documented. In order to carry out these trials in a structured and efficient manner, the fourth pillar of the EB House was founded in 2018 – the EB Study Centre.


EB Research

The EB Research Unit hosts several working groups, which perform research in diverse fields such as cell/gene therapy, immunology, cancer, wound healing, working for the alleviation and cure of EB. Cooperation with other research institutions and the exchange of information about new research results are essential here.

The many symptoms of EB necessitate basic research in different topics.

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Committed to finding therapy possibilities and a cure for people living with EB.

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EB Study Centre

In the EB Study Centre, not only the effectiveness, tolerability and safety of therapy approaches derived from basic research are tested – substances that have already been approved (for other diseases) and other approved therapy methods are also thoroughly checked to ascertain their benefits for EB patients.

What are clinical trials – and why do you need them? How do they work? The EB Study Centre brings therapy approaches from the laboratory to the patients.

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Clinical trials give patients access to new treatment options. Information on our current clinical trials is available here.

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The Study Centre team is responsible for scientific evaluation, compliance with organisational procedures and legal requirements.

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