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Physical Activity & Sports

Sports and exercise are generally healthy and are intended to prevent secondary diseases in an existing, underlying condition.

This is also true for people with EB. We would like to convince all people of all age groups affected with EB and encourage them to participate in some form of regular sport or physical activity. Yes you need al lot of will power to extend your own borders, even with your vulnerable skin. It is definitely worth it as you can improve your physical and psychological state both subjectively and objectively.

We cannot give you general advice, as children and adults who live with EB have too many differences. There is an advantage in slowly trying out the possibilities. The individual's interests and capabilities of the affected differentiate in most cases, what is necessary is some assistance, guidance and bravery in order to create a feasible sports program.


Important points in a nutshell

  • Exercise and sport are also possible with EB and an important part of health.
  • Not all types of sport are suitable for some forms of EB. With a little patience, a way can be found to participate in sport and exercise for each individual that is affected with EB.
  • It is worth searching for a suitable type of sport.
  • Exercise and sport are important at any age; however you should start as soon as possible.
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