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Skin cancer

In some forms of EB, there is the possibility of developing some form of skin cancer as a serious complication. The reasons for this are still not entirely clear, but the effects are often dramatic for those affected.

The earlier the signs of cancer are identified, the greater the chance is for a cure! This also applies to the dreaded skin cancer often seen with EB. Special care and attention is necessary, therefore we will make you familiar with the warning signs that you need to pay attention to in this chapter. We will also give a brief overview of the treatment options. We would like to inform you to pay attention only to the chapter that pertains to the form of EB that you or your family lives with. Only these chapters are actually relevant to you.

Important points in a nutshell

  • Risk for skin cancer
    • is very high in dystrophic EB
    • is high in junctional EB
    • is slightly increased in EBS generalized severe
    • for all others no higher than for the healthy population
  • Early detection is vital!
  • Prevention: Regular examinations of the entire skin surface every 6 months.
  • Warning signs: Wounds
    • when the healing process is too long
    • when the wound is somehow different
    • when the wound is especially painful.
  • Treatment options: all concerned tissue should be surgically removed.
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