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Child living with EB draws a heart

Information for Patients

We take a lot of time for all our patients in the EB Outpatient Clinic.

Parents are usually very insecure and worried when their child has been diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa. This is why we want to take sufficient time to answer every question, especially during the first visit. So please allow several hours for your visit to the EB Outpatient Clinic – and possibly consider in advance which questions you would like to ask us.

A visit to the EB Outpatient Clinic involves an examination and an advisory interview. Both are carried out by our experienced physicians and nurses. The main topics are:

  • wound control
  • the care and dressing of wounds
  • the dressing materials, care products and medicines used
  • pain therapy
  • possible attendant symptoms
  • and all the everyday hardships experienced by people living with EB.

The employees of the EB Outpatient Clinic have a wide range of additional qualifications in EB-relevant fields such as wound management and pain therapy.

During an initial examination, we decide whether further diagnostic measures are necessary, such as antigen mapping by means of a skin biopsy, or mutation analysis after blood sampling.
According to the Austrian Genetic Engineering Act, the results of this diagnosis may only be handed over within the framework of a genetic counselling interview, which we will be happy to conduct in our Outpatient Clinic.
After a first visit, we can also decide whether examinations in other departments of the hospital during a second visit would be meaningful – and thanks to our excellent interdisciplinary cooperation with other departments of the University Hospital Salzburg, we can also offer a great number of further examinations by specialists with EB experience.

Leitung EB-Ambulanz Butterfly

„Our goal? To find exactly the right therapy for each and every patient, one that is tailored to the specific living conditions of the affected person. ”

Senior physician Dr Anja Diem, Head of the EB Outpatient Clinic
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