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Working at the microscope

Research Topics & Working Groups

Epidermolysis Bullosa has a wide range of different symptoms and side effects. Our EB House scientists perform basic research on various EB topics to give the “butterfly children” hope for alleviation and healing.

Proteins connect the different skin layers and are therefore responsible for the stability of the skin. In EB patients, these proteins are either formed incorrectly or are entirely absent. This is caused by mutations of the DNA (genetic material), which lead to the formation of missing or functionally-restricted proteins – and the skin of people living with EB tends to blister as a result. It detaches even at low stress, which results in the formation of large open wounds. In the area of chronic wounds, a specific type of skin cancer often develops, which is difficult to detect and particularly challenging to treat in EB patients.

Research Topics

Due to the complex clinical characteristics of EB, research in the EB House is focused on different aspects of the disease.

More information on the research topics

Working groups

The working groups (WG) in the EB House Research Unit deal with various aspects of the research topics.

Research that focuses on gene and cell therapy for the “butterfly children”, aimed at correcting the genetic cause of EB.

About the work of this group

The ever-present threat of skin cancer: How do wounds develop into life-threatening tumours? This group is working on the development of new and effective forms of treatment.

About the work of this group

This group is working on the development of functional, therapeutically relevant small molecules, which may help to alleviate severe symptoms in EB patients.

About the work of this group

This group is performing research on the skin’s immune system to positively influence the various therapy options.

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An important building block in the treatment of patients (and for research) is the exact diagnosis of the gene mutations that trigger EB.

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The Management Team ensures the smooth running of the research and study operations in the EB House.

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