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EB physicians and health care professionals in a meeting

Training and further education for healthcare professionals

The disease is rare – as is expertise in treating it

One problem with rare diseases is that the physicians and therapists who treat them usually only come into contact with just a few patients, making it difficult to build up expertise – so intensive exchange with colleagues is of great importance. The EB House welcomes many international physicians and healthcare professionals who treat EB patients in their home countries and wish to further educate themselves for their daily work or exchange experiences with colleagues. Staff members of all the EB House units are on hand to inform national and international guests about our work on site and give them practical tips.

Guest physicians in the EB House

Guest physicians may visit the EB House for 1-2 days after making an appointment. You can obtain information about our work in the EB House and exchange information with our physicians and nurses about the medical care of EB patients.

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International training & further education – EB-CLINET

In the case of rare diseases such as EB, the pooling of all up-to-date clinical and scientific knowledge is enormously important. This is why the “EB-CLINET – Clinical Network of EB Centres and Experts” initiative was launched in 2011, in line with the maxim, “Linking Clinical Expertise in EB”. A global, clinical network of EB centres and experts for the exchange of expertise enables new insights into the treatment of EB to be rapidly provided to clinical staff and consequently to all patients.

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