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Food and drink play a major role in the life of all people, whether sick or healthy. And not just because food is essential to life, but also because food is important for the personal well-being, also within the family and society it plays an important role. For example, our daily routine is marked by meals. For many families eating together is an important time when all members come together. Also holidays are celebrated with "feasts".

Food is therefore ideally not only for the absorption of nutrients, but also for pleasure! If the food is good, varied and composed of rich nutrients, it can also contribute significantly to your health.

A newborn baby and especially one with EB is very tiring and therefore you should also pay attention to yourself and your health by eating well and by indulging in rest and relaxation phases. Only then you will have enough energy to take good care of your child!

Below you will find general information and tips. For specific problems you should contact your dietician or health care provider.

Important points in a nutshell

  • In some, but not all, EB forms blisters and sores in the mouth and throat may occur.
  • Mucosal blisters and sores in the mouth and throat may occur and cause food intake to be difficult.
  • Individual nutrition counseling is recommended.
  • A balanced diet is important in all cases.
  • All treatment measures should be accompanied by an evaluation.
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