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Examination Costs & Insurance Information

For patients from Austria

Please obtain a medical referral from your general practitioner or specialist for your examination in the EB House Austria. A medical referral is necessary for each quarter, during which EB treatment is provided by us. (1 January - 31 March, 1 April - 30 June, 1 July - 30 September, 1 October - 31 December) The costs for the outpatient examination in the EB House are usually borne by your insurance company.

For non-Austrian EU patients

European Health Insurance Card/E112 certificate (S2)

Billing with the European Health Insurance Card is only possible for health insurance companies who have a direct contract with us. Please check with your insurance company in advance if they have such a contract with the EB House. If they do not, you will need an E112 certificate from your insurance company. A valid certificate must also include the treatment date. The insurance card or the E112 certificate cover the costs of all outpatient examinations. However, please note that the costs of a mutation analysis or antigen mapping for diagnosis are usually not covered by the insurance companies.
Please bring a medical referral from your general practitioner or specialist with you, as well as your insurance card or E112 certificate.


For patients from other countries

Direct payer (paying the costs yourself)

You are automatically considered to be a direct payer if you do not bring any of the above-mentioned documents with you. As a rule, patients who come from countries that are not members of the European Union must bear the costs of the examination themselves. Any reimbursement must be clarified with their insurance company.
The minimum fee for an outpatient examination in the EB House is currently € 267,- which must be paid during your visit.
Additional costs may be incurred if further examinations or treatments are necessary, such as skin biopsy/blood sampling for EB strain diagnosis by means of antigen mapping or mutation analysis, the preparation of splints or an examination in another department.

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