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Bernadette Liemberger, MSc

Scientific Associate

Research statement

My area of research and therefore my interests in science lie within genetics and molecular biology. I am especially interested in persuing the development of a therapy for EB patients and therefore focusing on an RNA-targeting therapy for EBS, that makes it possible to repair almost all KRT14-associated mutations in patient-derived cells.

Personal interests

In my spare time I love to read all kinds of books (Crime/Thriller, Fantasy, Science Fiction, fiction) or go inline skating/cycling.

Curriculum Vitae Bernadette Liemberger


Since 2016
Doctoral Programme
, Natural Sciences, Paris Lodron University Salzburg
"Antisense RNA-mediated improvement of SMaRT therapy for KRT14 correction"
Research group: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann W. Bauer

in Molecular Biology, Paris Lodron University Salzburg
"Pathological mechanisms underlying contracture formation in epidermolysis bullosa"
Research group: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann W. Bauer

in Molecular Biology, Paris Lodron University Salzburg

Original articles

  1. Kocher T, March OP, Bischof J, Liemberger B, Hainzl S, Klausegger A, Hoog A, Strunk D, Bauer JW, Koller U. Predictable CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated COL7A1 Reframing for Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. J Invest Dermatol. 2020, ISSN 0022-202X
  2. Bornert O, Kocher T, Gretzmeier C, Liemberger B, Hainzl S, Koller U, Nyström A. Generation of rabbit polyclonal human and murine collagen VII monospecific antibodies: A useful tool for dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa therapy studies. Matrix Biology Plus 2019, 100017, ISSN 2590-0285
  3. Liemberger B, Piñón Hofbauer J, Wally V, Arzt C, Hainzl S, Kocher T, Murauer EM, Bauer JW, Reichelt J, Koller U. RNA Trans-Splicing Modulation via Antisense Molecule Interference. Int J Mol Sci 2018;19(3):762
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