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Alfred Klausegger, MSc

Lab Manager / Diagnostics

Research statement

Diagnostics and therapy of Epidermolysis bullosa. Since 2015 I focus on a new method of sequencing called "next generation sequencing", meanwhile an essential tool in diagnostics, and additionally has broad application spectrum in the field of therapy.

Personal interests

Since 1991, hang gliding with kites is my passion. Preferred flying areas are our Alps and the Canary Island Lanzarote.
Since 2012, I share my life with dog "Merlin" (Old German Tiger), with whom I am represented in agility competition sports. Other activities include mountain climbing in summer and cross-country skiing in winter.

Curriculum Vitae Alfred Klausegger

Professional Career

Since 2006
Lab manager and scientific associate in the Laboratory for Molecular Therapy at the EB-House (head Dr.J.Reichelt), Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK, Salzburg)

Scientific associate in the Laboratory for Molecular Biology at the Department of Dermatology (head Prof.H.Hintner), Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK, Salzburg)

Study visit with Prof. Dr. Jouni Uitto/ Dr. Leena Pulkkinnen Department of Dermatology & Cutaneous Biology, Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, USA)
Research field: Epidermolysis Bullosa

Alternative service with Dr. Barbara Kofler in the Laboratory of Molecular Biological Diagnostics in the Children`s Hospital (head Prof. W. Sperl), Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK, Salzburg)

Scientific associate at the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Salzburg)



Mag. rer. nat., Institute of Molecular Biology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg
"Molecular characterisation of a new coronavirus: puffin coronavirus"
Research group: Dr. Reinhard Vlasak



2018 Scientific award in platin from the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg
2016 Scientific award in bronze from the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg
2014 Scientific award in bronze from the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg
2012 Scientific award in gold from the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg


Additional qualifications/training

2015 Ion Torrent PGM System Operation Training, Darmstadt
2009 Official examination of the Province of Salzburg with distinction (Office of the Salzburg Provincial Government)

Original Articles

  1. Mayr E, Ablinger M, Lettner T, Murauer EM, Guttmann-Gruber C, Piñón Hofbauer J, Hainzl S, Kaiser M, Klausegger A, Bauer JW, Koller U, Wally V. 5’ RNA Trans-Splicing Repair of COL7A1 Mutant Transcripts in Epidermolysis bullosa. Int J Mol Sci 2022, 23(3):1732.
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  3. Kocher T, Bischof J, Haas SA, March OP, Liemberger B, Hainzl S, Illmer J, Hoog A, Muigg K, Binder HM, Klausegger A, Strunk D, Bauer JW, Cathomen T, Koller U. A non-viral and selection-free COL7A1 HDR approach with improved safety profile for dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids, 2021
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  7. Kocher T, Wagner RN, Klausegger A, Guttmann-Gruber C, Hainzl S, Bauer JW, Reichelt J, Koller U. Improved Double-Nicking Strategies for COL7A1-Editing by Homologous Recombination. Mol Ther Nucleic Acids 2019;18:496-507
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Book Chapter

  1. Klausegger A, Bauer JW. Mutation analysis. In: Life with Epidermolysis bullosa (EB): Etiology, Diagnosis, Multidisciplinary Care and Therapy. Ed.: Hintner H, Fine JD. Springer Berlin, Wien, New York. 2008; 54-64


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Teaching Alfred Klausegger

Leadership of different lab courses in the EB-house:
EADV 2012 - Training Course Genodermatosis: Molecular Diagnosis
EADV 2010 - Training Course Genodermatosis: Molecular Diagnosis
EADV 2009 - Training Course Genodermatosis: Molecular Diagnosis
Geneskin 2007 - Training Course Genodermatosis: Molecular Diagnosis
Geneskin 2006 - Training Course Genodermatosis: Molecular Diagnosis

Supervision of 4 diploma theses and 2 specialised papers for secondary school.
Supervision of 62 internships (1 month each)
Supervision of 15 civil cervants (9-12 month each)

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