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ÖGDV Forschungstage 2019

ÖGDV Science Days 2019

Successful research conferene in Schladming

Despite several closed streets and the highest avalanche warning level the 4th ÖGDV Science Days took place in the snow covered Schladming from 10-12 January 2019. The Mission of the ÖGDV Science Days is to strengthen the exchange between Austrian dermatology research groups, their collaborations with each other and with the industry. Young scientists, experienced principal investigators and outstanding and inspiring guest speakers presented new data on basic and translational research. Four talks (Oliver March, BSc, Dr. Thomas Kocher and Dr. Roland Lang) and one poster presentation (Dr. Tobias Welponer Fries) given by young scientists of the EB House Austria were well recognized by the research community and arose big public interest. Beyond that, Dr. Christina Guttmann-Gruber and Dr. Josefina Pinon-Hofbauer were invited to co-chair the immunology and clinical research session. All together, the ÖGDV Science Days 2019 had a great scientific benefit and were a huge success for all participants, and offered the opportunity to get in touch with international scientists and possible future collaboration partners.

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