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A birthday present for the butterfly children

In this anniversary year, INTERSPAR is again starting its large-scale fundraising campaign for the “butterfly children.” From September 3rd, the proceeds from the sale of the popular, sweet butterflies will again go to DEBRA Austria and thus to the EB House Austria.

DEBRA Austria celebrates its 25th birthday this year and the EB House its 15th anniversary. A special birthday present for the "butterfly children" is the continuation of the great INTERSPAR fundraising campaign for the specially created cute butterfly. The brioche pastries are lovingly handcrafted by the INTERSPAR bakers and cost only 1.30 euros. From September 3rd to December 21st, every cent from the sale will benefit DEBRA Austria. Since the start of this campaign in 2007, INTERSPAR has been able to provide a total of 516,500 euros for the “butterfly children”.

We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the tireless efforts of Interspar for the "butterfly children" and wish all butterfly gourmets a bon appetit!

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