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Christina Guttmann-Gruber, PhD

Group Leader WG Piñón/Gruber

Research statement

My main scientific interests focus on the development of strategies to target epidermoylsis bullosa-associated skin cancer. Herein our primary goal is to improve wound healing using substances like vitamin D with known wound healing properties in order to reduce the risk of malignant transfromation in these areas.
Furthermore we evaluate new cancer therapy approaches such as cancer immunotherapies or a trans-splicing mediated suicide gene therapy strategy to fight this aggressive tumor.
Most recent we are also focusing on the skin microbiome of EB patients and its influence on wound healing and the development of skin cancer.

Curriculum Vitae Christina Guttmann-Gruber

Professional Career

Since 2014
Co-Group leader
at the EB House Austria

2009 - 2014
im EB-Haus Austria, Labor für Molekulare Therapie



in Natural Sciences, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria
"A suicide gene therapy approach to treat Epidermolysis bullosa-associated skin cancer"
Research gropup: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann W. Bauer (EB House Austria)

Genetics and Biotechnology, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria
"Evaluation of parenteral and non-parenteral genetic vaccination approaches"
Research group: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Thalhamer

Genetics and Molecular Biology, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria


Awards and Fellowships

2016 Travel grant to attend 2nd Inflammatory Skin Disease Summit, NYC, USA,
2015 Paracelsus Medical University Science Award-Bronze
2014 Sanofi Prize for Medical Research (Sanofi-aventis)
2013 Non-melanoma skin cancer prize (Meda Pharma)
2013 Paracelsus Medical University Science Award-Bronze
2011 Paracelsus Medical University Science Award-Bronze
2011 Isidor-Neumann poster-prize from the Austrian Society for Dermatology and Venerology Paracelsus Medical University Science Award-Bronze
2009 Anton Luger Award for doctorial thesis from the Austrian Society for Dermatology and Venerology


International Research Experience

July/August 2003 Scientific internship at Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin Group of Prof. Sylvia Krobitsch;
Research field: Identification of interaction partners of Ataxin-2


Additional Qualifications/Training

2016 Clinical study-coordination: CALCIDEB2016 (EudraCt-Nr:2016-001967-35)
2015/2014 Attendance at workshops: "Applying at ethics committee and authorities", "Organizing and writing of clinical study protocols", "Good Clinical Practice - Introduction in Clinical Trials", Clinical Research Center Salzburg (CRCS)

Original Articles

  1. Mayr E, Ablinger M, Lettner T, Murauer EM, Guttmann-Gruber C, Piñón Hofbauer J, Hainzl S, Kaiser M, Klausegger A, Bauer JW, Koller U, Wally V. 5’ RNA Trans-Splicing Repair of COL7A1 Mutant Transcripts in Epidermolysis bullosa. Int J Mol Sci 2022, 23(3):1732.
  2. Zauner R, Wimmer M, Dorfer S, Ablinger M, Koller U, Piñón Hofbauer J, Guttmann-Gruber C, Bauer JW, Wally V. Transcriptome-Guided Drug Repurposing for Aggressive SCCs. International journal of molecular sciences 2022;23:1007
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Book Chapters

  1. Piñón Hofbauer J, Wally V, Guttmann-Gruber C, Gratz IK, Koller U. Therapy Development for Epidermolysis Bullosa [Online First].  Rare Diseases: Intechopen; 2021.


  1. Hainzl S, Guttmann-Gruber C. Innovative Methoden zur Probengewinnung bei Epidermolysis-bullosa-Patienten. Spectrum Dermatologie 2021;01:26-8.
  2. Guttmann-Gruber C, Bauer JW, Piñón Hofbauer J. Hereditary bullous diseases: current and innovative models to study the skin blistering disease epidermolysis bullosa. Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models 2020.

Scientific Commentary

  1. Gruber C*, Piñón Hofbauer J*, Bauer JW. Can we be SMaRT-er in our way to cancer therapy? Ebiomed 2015; 9;2(7):621-2. *equally contributing authors


  1. Guttmann-Gruber C, Tockner B, Scharler C, Hüttner C, Common JE, Tay ASL, Denil SLIJ, Klausegger A, Trost A, Breitenbach J, Schnitzhofer P, Hofbauer JP, Wolkersdorfer M, Diem A, Laimer M, Strunk D, Bauer JW, Reichelt J, Lang R, Pinon Hofbauer J. VD3-Analog Calcipotriol verbessert Wundheilungsprozess. Spectrum Dermatologie 2019;02/2019.

2010 - present
Supervision of 3 PhD students, 3 Master and 3 Bachelor students

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