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Vanessa Tober, MSc

Scientific Associate

Research statement

My scientific interest lies in the area of epigenetics. The topic of the project, in which I am allowed to pursue my scientific work, deals with epigenetic modifiers in connection with EB. I find it very exciting to research how DNA methylation affects gene expression and what consequences this has on phenotype.


Personal interests

In my free time, I like to spend time with family and friends, whether it's mountain climbing or cycling. I also like to take part in obstacle courses with friends. It can also be an exciting book to switch off.




Curriculum Vitae Vanessa Tober

Professional career

Since 2021
Scientific associate at the EB House Austria



Master studies: Molecular Biology, University Salzburg and Johannes Keppler University Linz
Subject of master thesis: SAMHD1 shapes breakpoint junctions by endonuclease-induced DNA double strand breaks
Supervisor: Dr. Roland Geisberger, Univ.-Prof.Dr. Hans Brandstetter

Bachelor studies: Molecular biology, University Salzburg and Johannes Keppler University Linz


Awards and Fellowships

2018 Merit scholarship for Master studies Molecular Biology


Additional qualifications

2021 Course: Sequenzanalyse, Dr. Battke Scientia GmbH

Original Articles

  1. Ekaterina Akimova, Franz Josef Gassner, Maria Schubert, Stefan Rebhandl, Claudia Arzt, Stefanie Rauscher, Vanessa Tober, Nadja Zaborsky, Richard Greil, Roland Geisberger; SAMHD1 restrains aberrant nucleotide insertions at repair junctions generated by DNA end joining; Nucleic Acids Res., 2021 Mar 18


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