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Selma Ibrahimpasic, BSc

Master Student

Research statement

After the Bachelor studies, I gained more interest in research, which is why I have decided to start the Master studies at the University of Salzburg. During the Master studies, I had the opportunity to learn about various topics, among them medical research,which I found very interesting. Therefore, I decided to study and learn more about epidemolysis bullosa (EB) and I am now happy to write my Master thesis on a therapeutic approach for the treatment of the recessive-dystrophic subtype of EB. Here, my major interest lies in the investigation of a small molecule compound to target major complications arising in patients with RDEB.

Curriculum Vitae Selma Ibrahimpasic

Professional Career

Since 2021
Master Student at the EB House Austria, Working Group Wally



Master studies: Medical Biology at the University Salzburg
Subject of master thesis: Treatment of complications in patients with epidermolysis bullosa
Supervisor: Dr. Verena Wally

Bachelor studies: Biochemistry and Physiology at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Subject of Bachelor thesis: Food allergies


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