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Caroline Fehringer

Bachelor Student

Research statement

Studies on a drug that is used e.g. in patients with arthritis, revealed its impact on multiple miRNAs. One of them is miR-10b which plays an important role in metastasis and is present at increased levels in RDEB tumors.The aim of this project is to find out if a treatment with this drug will  decrease the level of miR-10b and thereby lower the aggressiveness of RDEB-SCC cells in vitro. Upon dose finding in a first step, we will next determine the level of miR-10b. Also, we will use 3D-tumor models to determine the invasive potential of the cells  upon treatment with the small molecule, and what effect it has on cell proliferaiton.

Personal interests

In my free time I like to spend my time with my friends, read or paint. But what I love most is travelling and experiencing new things.

Curriculum Vitae Caroline Fehringer


Bachelor studies: “Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology”, IMC Krems

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