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Birgit Tockner, PhD

Scientific Associate

Research statement

I am interested in the development of effective therapeutic approaches to improve wound healing in patients with RDEB to further reduce the risk of an aggressive and life-threatening cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas at sites of chronic and long-term skin wounds.
As such I am involved in a clinical study that focuses on the evaluation of drugs with known wound healing and anti-neoplastic properties, such as the vitamin D analog calcipotriol.
In addition we want to determine the impact of calcipotriol on the process of microbial colonization as well as the effects on itch and pain. Additionally, I establish organotypic 3D models to analyze the influence of new therapeutics on wound healing and tumor formation.

Personal interests

I am passionate about sport. While out on a run, hike, or ski tour, I am able to tune out, relax, and recharge my batteries.

Curriculum Vitae Birgit Tockner

Professional Career

Since 2015
Research Associate
research group Cancer & Wound Healing



, Paris Lodron University Salzburg
"Optimization of 3'-trans-splicing in the type VII collagen gene - Development of a therapy in epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica"
Research group: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann W. Bauer (EB House Austria)

in Genetics and Biotechnology, Paris Lodron University Salzburg
"Different modulation of blood flow in the ciliary body and the choroid with adenosine"
Research group: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Herbert Reitsamer (University Eye Clinic, Salzburg)

in Genetics and Molecular Biology, Paris Lodron University Salzburg

Biomedical analysts degree
, Academy for the Medical Technical Laboratory Service of the University Hospital Salzburg


Additional Qualifications/Training

2010, 2012 FACS training, Werfen Austria, Beckman Coulter FC500
2017 Laboratory Animal Science Basic Course, Salzburg

Original Articles

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