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EB patient cuts a piece of paper with an adapted pair of scissor

Outpatient Clinic Projects – Support in Everyday Life

Probably the most important part of the work we do in the EB House Austria is the improvement of the immediate life situation of people living with EB. The Outpatient Clinic team has a number of large and smaller projects on different levels (e.g. care and nursing, logistics, etc.), aimed at making the everyday life of people living with EB easier.

Current Outpatient Clinic Projects:

Healing fibres. The Outpatient Clinic team is currently working on a project to test fibres, fabrics and garments. Due to the vulnerability of the skin of those living with EB, choosing the right clothing is one of the major challenges in their lives. Rough, scratching fabrics should be avoided – even seams, buttons, zippers, tight cuffs or the like are sufficient to cause friction, which will always lead to blisters and wounds on the skin.
For this project, affected families were invited to test different suitable fabrics made by the Austrian company Lenzing AG. The results will be documented and made available to the entire EB community.


„We are grateful for the generous donation of the Ordre International des Anysetiers, which made the intensive study of this topic possible.”

Alexandra Waldhör, EB Nurse
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