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15 years EB House Austria

The EB House is celebrating its birthday - for the 15th time already!

The EB House Austria at the Salzburg University Hospital opened in 2005 and plays a very important part in the live of "butterfly children". With the opening of the EB House, DEBRA Austria's dream came true: the best medical care for all "butterfly children" in Austria, a center for education and training as well as its own research laboratory, in order to come a step closer to the goal of alleviating and healing EB.

The holistic approach, the many years of experience, the dedicated staff and, last but not least, the positive feedback from the patients cared for have earned the specialised clinic an excellent reputation - nationally and internationally - and a number of awards. With the empathetic and highly professional care of EB patients in this EB center, it can truly be called a lighthouse project.

Even though the year 2020 is not really a time for celebration due to external circumstances, we do not want to simply sweep this special anniversary under the carpet. On the following pages we would like to take you on a journey through the history and milestones of the EB House and introduce you to our anniversary project, a new EB research laboratory.

Join us on a journey through the 15-year history of the EB House Austria, from the ground-breaking ceremony to the birthday cake.

15 years EB House Austria

Sufficient space and modern equipment - support us in building a modern research laboratory for successful therapy development.

Our anniversary project
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Please help to fulfill the birthday wish of the "butterfly children" and donate now for a new EB laboratory

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