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Chances of Finding a Cure

Members of the EB House Research Team

A cure is possible

Is there a cure for Epidermolysis bullosa (EB)? Patients, doctors and scientists are firmly convinced that curing EB will be possible.

Even though a causal treatment of EB is not yet in sight, therapeutic approaches and various measures to ease the pain are on the horizon in the foreseeable future. Therefore, scientists are doing their utmost to make the dream of all those with EB come true in the near future: a life without blisters, pain and formidable limitations.

Research is the key

The most recent developments in EB research have been very encouraging. For instance, a first attempt to cure EB has been started shortly at the EB House Austria. The aim is to recreate healthy skin in one of the patients - at least in some areas of her body.

On that basis, the researchers then hope to use the same method, which is referred to as trans-splicing, to find a cure for all forms of EB. Research on promising approaches is also being carried out at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (Vienna). Here, possible cures using stem cells are being investigated.

Moreover, a number of international research groups are working on various therapeutic approaches: gene therapy, cell therapy, protein therapy, wound healing, skin cancer prevention, etc. These researchers are highly motivated and share a common goal: to find a cure for those who live with EB.

Without donations, none of these research activities would be possible.