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Donation Account: IBAN AT02 2011 1800 8018 1100, BIC GIBAATWWXXX, DEBRA Austria, Am Heumarkt 27/1, 1030 Vienna

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Research at the EB House Austria

Dr. Julia Reichelt and part of her team from the EB House Reserach Unit
Dr. Manuela Reisenberger, Nicole Friedl and Dr. Julia Reichelt (from left to right; Photo: R. Hametner)

Inherited forms of EB are caused by mutations in genes that are essential for skin stability. As a consequence of the mutations the skin is fragile, and may blister upon mild friction often resulting in wound formation. In the most severe forms of EB squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) develop at the sites of chronic wounds which are difficult to detect at an early stage and particularly hard to treat.

Current research at the EB House Austria aims to
1) develop causative therapy approaches (gene and RNA editing using designer nucleases and SMaRT),
2) target skin cancer (prevention through improving wound healing, early detection, eradication),
3) perform basic research to increase the understanding of the skin immune system, determine the causes for SCC development, and identify new targets for treatments by gaining knowledge on epigenetic regulation in EB, and
4) explore delivery pathways of therapeutic compounds into the skin and skin tumors.

Finally, we strive to advance translation of research findings "from bench to bedside" and bring effective therapies swiftly into the clinic and to the patients.